Monday, May 20, 2013

Please Pray

   At the beginning of march my littlest sister, Brooklynn was taken away from me and my family.  It was heartbreaking.  Tears were shed and cries were let out.  DYFS was making mistakes left and right and we were hopeless.  She kept at a hospital until another foster home would accept her.  The state said we could not take care of her.  People then went to the judge to tell them what DYFS was doing.  The judge told DYFS to take Brooklynn to an aunt and uncle.  We were happy that we can see her, but we are discouraged that she is not sleeping in the little purple room down the hall.  We miss her as much as she misses us.
    This coming Wednesday is one of two court dates for her.  They are going to the judge and trying to influence him to send Brook back to us.  My mom is scheduled to testify.  We have almost our whole church praying for us this day.  Please be another of these numerous people that are praying for Brooklynn to come back to the Schroll family.

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