Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo Yo

     One day while we were on the boardwalk we came across somee peopledoing the yo yo.  I liked to watch these people do some amazing tricks.  Right across on the other side of the boardwalk there was a store called Air Circus wich was a place were they sold yo yos and other toys.  I was to young to Yo Yo, but my sister bought a Yo Yo called a fireball their.  A couple years later while we were playing outside my sister brought out her Yo Yo.  I looked at it for a while.  Then I asked her if I could try it.  She of corse said yes I am mean I am her brother, she has got to let me try her Yo Yo.  I tried it, but the string was way to long.  After we shortened the string to my hight I was off and running with it and was wondering how this piece of plastic could such amazing things.  I could get it to sleep for a little bit but I did not get the consept of when it is dying down you have to tug it back up to your hand.  That night I went to the store and bought my own yo yo.  About a month later that Yo Yo stopped sleeping so i bought a Yo Yo that would come up to my hand without having my hand to tug it back to back to the top of the string.  Then the next year I entered a Yo Yo contest at the beach.  The people at the contest broke my Yo Yo and made it break, thankfuly I got second place in the contest so they let me keep the Yo Yo that I had borroed.   Awhile after I had got that Yo Yo my sister broke that Yo Yo in halve.  A couple of years ago I got a knew Yo Yo.  Then I won another Yo YO and that YO YO was called the Fireball.  That year at the beach I bought a Yo Yo called a Butterfly.  I have gotten better ever since I started practicing.  A couple of days ago I ordered a Yo YO called a Maverike. This is a trick site that has helped me alot

Monday, April 18, 2011

Echievement Testing

Last week I took some test at a private school. These test are not graded nor printed onto my report card, but they are used to tell my teacher which in this case is my mom since I am home schooled where I am in my school and what things she should push a little harder at and the things that I really do not need to work on that hard. The week was interesting, I have finally learned that school outside of my home is a lot louder and hectic. It is hard to belive that six children including two under three years old would be quieter then a few fifth graders that should behave themselves. It is a memorable, but rather exciting week in a private school.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toddler years are coming Back

When I was a young boy I loved to play with Thomas the train. I have a foster brother and he loves to play with trains. I now love these toys. They are the most fun thing ever. Unfortunately my foster brother really does not care if the track is in five different places at once. While he is with his mom at visitation I decide to have an afternoon of playing with trains. I made this one train with tracks going over each other in circles. When it was eventfully finished it looked great, but then again my foster brother does not care if it is destroyed. When he came through the door and saw the track laying on the floor in the living room it was destroyed. The good part to the story is that I got pictures.