Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Friend

Sean is a great friend.  He loves the lord.  He has a good attitude, and he can be very funny.  These past few days have been tough for him and his family.  While he and I were playing in a soccer game one day he went for a through ball through the defenders and the goalie came out and snapped his tibia, fibula, and  chipped his ankle.  When I saw that he was hurt I ran over to him and helped him out by getting his dad who is a paramedic and his mom who is a nurse.  They knew right away that his leg was broken so they called the ambulance to put it in a splint. The next day I got to see him in the hospital where I got to support him and his family.  This has been a hard month for him.  His phone screen cracked, his iPod Touch broke, and now it is his leg.  I hope people will pray for Sean and his family.

Friday, October 14, 2011


    My sister was accepted to Cedarville University  it is very very scary that my sister is going to college next year to be an engineer. Super Soccer Girl will also play soccer for the school.  I hope that she will have a great time.