Monday, February 20, 2012


     I finished my song last night.  Just in a nick of time because today is Julia Eryn's birthday.  Here is my finished song.

  In a blink of an eye
1st verse
                                          C2     F/A         C                              F                        C    
            In a blink of an eye I ask to myself where in the world she had gone.  If she were
 G                                                      C                     F                                                                           G/B
 Standing here in my presence I would be so glad, but I would be worrying about the next day.
                      G                  D                            A        G                                   Bm
  She is with you and I know that she is safe.  I really wanted to see her.
               D                                 Bm    A                                D                            G                 
When I wake to the rooster call I wonder where she went.  You had a plan for her. You had a
Am                                                                       A    G                   A                D       E     D    C               E                                          
Plan to take her home her home with you early.  I did not like that early plan for her but I know
that you do all things for good.
2nd verse
       A       G                  D          E                                                        A                                                                           
If I ever got to ever see her I would wonder what she looked like.  Did she have blond hair or
E    A                                  E     A          D                  A   G                   D                                     A  
brown?  Was she tall or short?  I know that you created her beautiful and in your image.
3rd verse
                              C     F           C                                                  F G   C     Intro Repeat
In a blink of an eye she was gone.  I did not get to see her.

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