Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun Fun

      If you know me you know I am not very good at practical jokes.  Whenever I try to accomplish one it is always muffed.  Last night was my night to pull a practical joke.  My seventeen year old sister had just bought a brand new Motorola Xoom.   When we were eating my sister thought she heard a UPS truck.  A few seconds later a the Doorbell rang and she was so Excited that her Xoom came.  You might be thinking that there has been no joke at all in the story.  The doorbell was my foster kids getting home from visitation.  After dinner I had to go to my church small group.  I went outside put my sisters formula that gets sent by UPS in front of the door and rang the door bell then ran away into the garage.  She went outside, picked up the box, went inside and saw that it had my sisters info on it.  She laughed so hard she started crying.  That is the first practical joke I have ever pulled.

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