Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo Yo

     One day while we were on the boardwalk we came across somee peopledoing the yo yo.  I liked to watch these people do some amazing tricks.  Right across on the other side of the boardwalk there was a store called Air Circus wich was a place were they sold yo yos and other toys.  I was to young to Yo Yo, but my sister bought a Yo Yo called a fireball their.  A couple years later while we were playing outside my sister brought out her Yo Yo.  I looked at it for a while.  Then I asked her if I could try it.  She of corse said yes I am mean I am her brother, she has got to let me try her Yo Yo.  I tried it, but the string was way to long.  After we shortened the string to my hight I was off and running with it and was wondering how this piece of plastic could such amazing things.  I could get it to sleep for a little bit but I did not get the consept of when it is dying down you have to tug it back up to your hand.  That night I went to the store and bought my own yo yo.  About a month later that Yo Yo stopped sleeping so i bought a Yo Yo that would come up to my hand without having my hand to tug it back to back to the top of the string.  Then the next year I entered a Yo Yo contest at the beach.  The people at the contest broke my Yo Yo and made it break, thankfuly I got second place in the contest so they let me keep the Yo Yo that I had borroed.   Awhile after I had got that Yo Yo my sister broke that Yo Yo in halve.  A couple of years ago I got a knew Yo Yo.  Then I won another Yo YO and that YO YO was called the Fireball.  That year at the beach I bought a Yo Yo called a Butterfly.  I have gotten better ever since I started practicing.  A couple of days ago I ordered a Yo YO called a Maverike. This is a trick site that has helped me alot

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